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Babybellyband Pelvic floor support kits to relieve pain for pregnancy and postpartum discomfortsUltimate maternity support kit -includes pregnancy belly band, compression groin bands, shoulder straps, ice pack, hot water bottleRound ligament support kit by Babybellyband





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  • Babybellyband ORIGINAL Maternity Support Band

    Babybellyband ORIGINAL Maternity Support Band- neoprene fabric, durable, holds shape well, manufactured in the USA
  • Babybellyband SPORT Abdominal Band

    Babybellyband SPORT Abdominal Band- Made of 100% USA Airflex cellular foam, breathable, anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, bio-compatible ISO standards.
  • Babybellyband FLIP-IT Reversible Maternity Belt -Beige & Black

    Babybellyband FLIP-IT Reversible Maternity Belt has all the amazing features of the Original Belly Band but with a choice of wearing either the Beige or Black side. One of a kind- offering 2 colors in 1 maternity belt !
  • Compression Therapy Groin Bands

    Babybellyband Groin Bands velcro attach to the Abdominal Band for ultimate compression support for inguinal and femoral hernia, vaginal or vulvar varicosities, pubic symphysis, SPD, prolapses. Comfortable, flexible, soft, easy to adjust. Freedom of movement of each groin band allows you to adjust and place the band in the area of your discomfort.

    Babybellyband® Shoulder Straps by CABEA provide an extra lift to the belly. The shoulder straps give additional support by lifting the abdomen and taking pressure off of your pelvic and groin area. They help alleviate back discomfort during pregnancy, while working out or just living your daily life. Relieve and prevent pain now! Discrete comfort and support. Available in black and beige.

    Cold Therapy Packs by CABEA flexible, soft nylon fabric, washable. Reusable high quality ice pack. 1 Pack 7.5"x5" ContainS gel for soft, flexible maneuvering around affected area of pain or swelling.

    Grandma's Old Fashion Hot water bottle- Heat Therapy for pregnancy pain relief helps to naturally and safely soothe sore muscles, back, and belly pain during pregnancy. Hot water bottle size = 2 quarts (2000ml) 11.8″ x 7.7″ inches ( 30 x 19.5 cm ) Hot water bottle cover Knitted cover= 100% acrylic Color= AQUA, PINK, PURPLE Hot Water Bottle= 100% PVC Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Babybellyband Pelvic Wellness Kit

    Pelvic Wellness kit for SPD, Vulvar Varicosities, Hernia, Prolapse, SI Join issue or any Pelvic Discomfort comes with: Babybellyband original pelvic belt, 1 set of groin bands, 1 ice pack all packaged together in an organza bag. Size S-XXL