Exercise for Pregnancy Postpartum

Need an exercise program that can work for you during pregnancy  and post-partum to restore the core?

Exercise for Pregnancy and Postpartum, prevention and restorative measures

Staying healthy during pregnancy is essential for you and your new baby. If you are engaging in any kind of impact exercise you would benefit from wearing the Babybellyband® products to support the round ligaments in your lower abdominal area as well as your hips, back and pelvic floor, preventing damage often experienced by women involved in impact exercise during pregnancy and post-partum.  The Babybellyband® SPORT abdominal band is the perfect compliment to your workout routine as it it is suggested to relieve pelvic floor pressure, support hip and lower or lumbar back structure and lift and support the abdomen during exercise. The Babybellyband SPORT is lightweight, breathable, very sleek, and anti-microbial.  For additional support, add Babybellyband® shoulder straps and Babybellyband® groin bands which easily attach to the Babybellyband SPORT or Original abdominal band.

If you seek an exercise program, Babybellyband® recommends

 Fit2B exercise programs for new and pregnant moms.   All of the routines on the Fit2B New Mama Program are designed specifically for the pregnant and post-partum phases. They are also TummySafe™ which means they do not include crunches, sit ups, unmodified planks, or other high-pressure moves.  The Fit2B website also has a specific preventative and healing program for women experiencing Diastasis Recti.  Check it out.

The Babybelly Original Maternity Band  with Babybellyband shoulder straps are a perfect solution to help prevent or support Diastasis Recti before abdominal muscle separation progresses. 

By the way:  I am not at all affiliated with Fit2B but I think they have a great product and I want to help you find a program to prevent further advancement of hernia, diastasis recti, or prolapse pain.