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Groin Bands for Pelvic Compression Therapy

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Award Winning groin bands velcro onto the Babybellyband (sold separately) . Provides ultimate support for pelvic pain,  pressure and heaviness. Soft, flexible, and easy to adjust. 


Product Description

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Compression Therapy Groin Bands

Award-Winning Babybellyband Compression Therapy Groin Bands velcro attach to the Babybellyband Maternity Abdominal Belt (sold separately). The adjustable, removable groin bands provide immediate relief for pelvic pain from pregnancy. Upward and inward compression support is provided by each groin band. This action can lessen vulvar varicosity swelling, support the pubic area and compress prolapse/hernia protrusions or bulges.

Pelvic Straps Provide What You Need:

IMMEDIATE RELIEF from Pelvic Pressure, Pain and Feeling of Heaviness

NATURAL HEALING TREATMENT for pregnancy pelvic pain is recommended by doctors, midwives, doulas, and physical therapists!

PROVEN SUCCESS for PELVIC PAIN RELIEF:  We carefully designed and tested these pelvic groin straps approved by doctors, midwives, and PT’s. They have healing results. You can rely our products and us, we guarantee them!

  • 94% of users reported pain relief
  • 75% were able to return to normal activity.

Unique Features Create the Best Pelvic Supporter:

        • EASY TO WEAR and put on. Lifting your leg to step into garments can be painful, our sling easily attaches with Velcro.
        • ADJUSTABLE Customize-able compression support from MILD to HIGH
        • FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT of each groin band allows you to move and place them in your area of need and support.
        • SPECIALIZED FABRIC: Super soft, breathable neoprene with cooling outer fabric (LATEX-FREE), designed to keep shape and stretch, while providing excellent support and comfort.
        • PERFECT WIDTH WITHOUT BULK: 2” Width specifically tried and tested coverage, with proven results
        • NO BINDING, STIFF EDGES: Smooth and soft for delicate skin
        • REMOVABLE: Healing can happen and you no longer need the groin bands, remove and just wear the maternity-abdominal belt
        • EASY CARE: Durable and Machine washable-low tumble dry
        • MADE IN THE USA: We care about quality and supporting our workforce🇺🇸 Flag: United States, Emoji by Google

Get Back to feeling active with Babybellyband’s Compression Therapy Groin bands!

Babybellyband Compression Therapy Groin Band Sizing Chart

Babybellyband Compression Therapy Groin Band Sizing Chart

Recommended for relief of pelvic pain caused by:

  • pelvic floor pain and pressure
  • vulvar varicosities
  • perineal edema and varicosities
  • symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)
  • vulvar edema
  • prolapsed vagina or uterus
  • pelvic girdle pain
  • pelvic congestion syndrome
  • inguinal or femoral hernia
  • twin or multiple pregnancies
  • abdominal lymphedema support
  • Exercise during pregnancy or weight loss
Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What about using the restroom/lavatory? Babybellyband Compression Therapy Groin bands were designed with ease-of-use in mind – simply detach, then reattach when ready. The bands do not require stepping into which often is painful if you have the conditions listed above.
  2. What size am I? Refer to the height-weight Sizing Chart above to determine your size
  3. Do I have to buy the Babybellyband Abdominal band too? Yes, both the SPORT and Original and Flip-IT Babybellyband’s are specially designed with Velcro compatible fabric which the groin bands can attach onto. These 2 products work together to encourage pelvic wellness and provide amazing, upward support for your belly and pelvic floor discomforts. The groin bands in this purchase include a set of groin bands pictured in the photo only, not the belly band. However if you would like to purchase both at the same time, check out our Vulvar Varicosity Support Kit! It comes with the groin bands, a belly band, and a soft hot/cold pack!
  4. Will the groin bands work with OTHER Maternity Belts? No. The groin bands need Velcro or hook compatible fabric in order to securely attach to the maternity belt. Our Babybellyband Original and SPORT and FLIP-IT bands are made of a custom-designed fabric which allows the groin bands a wide range of area to attach onto. We highly recommend that you do not use another maternity belt. The hook on the groin bands may destroy the material on another maternity belt and we do not guarantee that they will function properly using another brand’s maternity belt.
  5. Does the Babybellyband SPORT work with the groin bands? Yes, all of our maternity belts work with the Compression Therapy Groin Bands to provide excellent support and encourage pelvic wellness. The SPORT band simply has a different base fabric that is still velcro compatible. It is also super breathable and anti-microbial, making it perfect for athletes, abdominal wound care (like a Cesarean section), or a hot climate.
  6. Do I have to be pregnant to wear the Babybellyband products and Groin Bands? No, both men and women can wear this product for pelvic, hip, abdominal, hernia, and pelvic floor issues. It encourages pelvic wellness for all genders!
  7. Can I return or exchange this product? Yes, you can exchange or return this product within 30 days of purchase if the product meets our requirements: Return / Exchange Policy

Contact us if you have any questions: 860-238-7788 | [email protected]


Babybellyband maternity support belt small black velcro fasten

Looking for more BACK OR PELVIC FLOOR SUPport?

Shoulder Straps help lift the abdomen off of the pelvic floor area.

Shoulder Straps (sold separately) are an available add-on to provide extra lift and back support as well as relieve pressure in the pelvic area. We highly recommend the shoulder band for pubic symphysis, twin or multiple pregnancies.

Baby belly Pregnancy Back Support shoulder straps

Babybellyband shoulder straps provide extra lift to the abdomen for immediate relief of pubic or back pain and abdominal strain.

Additional Information

Weight 1.3 oz
Groin Band Sizing

Small, Medium, Large


Machine washable, tumble dry low heat.


Perforated SBR neoprene with nylon/spandex laminate

40 reviews for Groin Bands for Pelvic Compression Therapy

  1. Hernia Support and Relief (verified owner)

    “I LOVE the baby belly band and don’t know what I’d do without it during pregnancy. In my second pregnancy I developed a hernia and this band is the only product I’ve tried that actually helps. It is also comfortable and discreet. I was concerned it would show under clothing and it does not at all. I would seriously not be able to go about my every day activities if it were not for this band. Thank you for making such an incredible product!”
    – IL, Washington, D.C.

  2. Babybellyband , I feel like a new woman!

    I received my band last night and feel like a new woman! I am so glad to have found you online!

  3. Immediately took care of my pain

    Immediately took care of my pain and discomfort from varicose veins in my legs and “lady parts”. My baby has been low from the start and the pressure on my lower body has been great, causing painful varicose veins. The belt and straps seem to have eliminated the pain and discomfort for the time being. I’m hoping this will continue to help! Worth every penny in my opinion!

  4. Vulvar varicosities, I have absolutely no pain (verified owner)

    I just wanted to rave about how much I love the groin support for my terrible vulva varicose veins. I suffered tremendously with them in my last pregnancy and since I’ve been using my support with my current pregnancy, I have absolutely no pain. I love it 🙂


  5. Symphysis pubic dysfunction – SPD Support and Relief

    LOVE this belt. Like a lot of other reviewers, I don’t often write reviews but felt I needed to share my experience in case it helps others.

    I developed SPD (symphysis pubic dysfunction) at 30 weeks and could barely walk (or stand, or turn over in bed, or put on pants) without help. My doctor said the only thing was to “rest” and limit my activities until the baby came, but 10 weeks of not walking seemed absurd to me. I found a great PT who specializes in pelvic injuries and she recommended I try this belt. It’s worked wonders! I was back on my feet the day after I got it and even when I’m not wearing the belt (which is pretty much only in bed or the shower) I am in much less pain than before.

    My advice to other SPD moms-to-be is to be really good about wearing the belt as much as possible. The only times I’ve has bad flare-ups is when I take a break (even for a few hours) because I’m feeling so much better. This always sets me back and results in a few hours of bad pain. I am also careful to wear it as pictured (very low on the hips) since that seems to make a difference too. Elizabeth

  6. Babybellyband Reduced my pain so that I was able to function (verified owner)

    The band reduced my pain so that I was able to function, which was exactly what I wanted. Everyone’s pain is different, and usually increases as the pregnancy progresses. My baby is now 3 months old. Looking back, my pain became quite severe but I used the belly band right through. I could not could not have managed without it! I only give it a 4 star because I wish it eliminated my pain all together but I was able to do get back to normal again which was amazing.


  7. Manage Vulvar varicosity pain and inflammation (verified owner)

    To the Staff at CABEA,
    I just wanted to say I don’t know how I could have made it if I hadn’t found your compression therapy groin bands. About six weeks ago I noticed inflammation of varicose veins in the groin area, got it checked by my nurse, doctor, and a hernia surgeon, and with their suggestion to search for a compression product, came across your site. Since I started wearing your belly band with the groin bands every day, the swelling is much more manageable and the pain is almost entirely gone. I am SO thankful for your innovative products and have told my nurse, doctor, and even the hernia surgeon about them (he said it looked better than what he currently offers his patients!)! All the best, with lots of appreciation,

  8. Feel a big difference but difficulty adjusting (verified owner)

    A lot of times there is a gap between my belly and the bellyband in the front where the groin bands are pulling it down. Maybe the regular bellyband would have worked better with the groin bands? Or I need longer groin bands to have more flexibility in regards of where to attach them? Though I do feel a big difference when I walk regarding the weight of my belly and my vulvar varicosities. It definitely helps. I wish the groin bands as well as the belly band came in a nude/beige color. With the black groin bands I can’t wear light colored pants because you can see them through.
    Nora T

  9. Baby belly band with groin straps saved me from Inguinal Hernia and Vulvar Varicosites (verified owner)

    I just wanted to say thanks for making an amazing product! I’m a PA in surgery standing for long periods of time, after developing an inguinal hernia and vulvar varicosites my 6th month I had no idea how I could possibly work the rest of my pregnancy. I was in severe pain after standing for an hour, most cases I do are 3-4 hours! I had an different brand belly binder from my previous pregnancy but it did nothing for my groin pain and pelvic pressure, and it was so uncomfortable. Baby belly band with groin straps saved me! I do not go to work without it, I don’t go home without it! Thank you so much, seriously a lifesaver!

  10. Relieved pain from Inguinal Hernia and Vulvar Varicosities (verified owner)

    I work on my feet all day and the groin bands totally relieved my pain from inguinal hernia and vulvar varicosities. I did have some issues with the bands wearing out and loosing elasticity as well as Velcro wearing out the band. I had to just throw it out after my pregnancy and will buy a new one if I get pregnant again. -Alexis

  11. Highly Recommend for Varicose Groin Issues (verified owner)

    I was so desperate to find relief because of my vulvar varicosities I was willing to try anything. This product worked wonders. I was so relieved almost instantly. I am a school teacher so walking around was part of my day and this never bothered me. My only complaint is that I did sweat a lot due to the material that the product is made from. I highly recommend the groin straps to anyone with varicose groin issues. -Shanon

  12. Round Ligament and Vulvar Varicosities Lifesaver! (verified owner)

    I am so thankful to have discovered the Babybellyband and compression straps! I would have never made it through my second pregnancy without them. I was diagnosed with round ligament varicosities and vulvar varicose veins early on, and this product has been a lifesaver. Unfortunately, washing and hang drying once per weekly has weakened the Velcro on the straps causing them to pop off and not provide adequate support. I may need to resort to safety pins to keep them in place. Regardless, I absolutely recommend this product to anyone needing extra support during pregnancy!

    • Caroline Christensen, M.Ed (verified owner)

      We would never leave you hangin’ and will replace any product which has a malfunction as you have reported here. We want you to feel comfort throughout your pregnancy from the start to the end and beyond. We will be intouch to replace these defective groin bands immediately and are so glad that the Babybellyband system brought you so much relief.

  13. Big Difference for Vulvar Varicosities (verified owner)

    I feel a big difference when I walk regarding the weight of belly and my vulvar varicosities; it definitely helps. Unfortunately, though, the Babybellyband folds over as if the groin straps are pulling it down. This sometimes causes a gap between my belly and the band.

  14. Such an Amazing Product for Inguinal Hernia (verified owner)

    Such an amazing product, I wish I had this for my first pregnancy! After developing an inguinal hernia during pregnancy and certainly not wanting to have surgery while pregnant this band kept me work last 4 months as I work in surgery a lot. Well worth the money!-Katie

  15. Desperate to find relief from Varicosities (verified owner)

    I was so desperate to find relief because of my vulvar varicosities I was willing to try anything. This product worked wonders. It was pricey and I wasn’t sure I would be wasting my money so I asked my doctors about this product and they said they had never heard of it. I was told they don’t have any solutions to help me and if I thought this would work to go for it. So I figured what the heck and purchased it. I was so relieved almost instantly. I am a school teacher so walking around was part of my day and this never bothered me. My only complaint is that I did sweat a lot due to the material that the product is made from. I highly recommend the groin straps to anyone with varicose groin issues.
    Thank You again!

  16. Groin Bands Made World of Difference (verified owner)

    – groin bands made a world of difference for the perineal pressure and pain I felt with my third child
    – would recommend this product to anyone working on their feet (I’m an RN)
    -product material was comfortable and supportive

  17. Product saved my body and my job during pregnancy! (verified owner)

    This product saved my body and my job during pregnancy! It also preserved my ability to keep up with my energetic 2yr old boy. I started a new RN job on my feet (seriously never sitting) 10 hrs a day at the same time I became pregnant for 2nd time (c-section and diastasis recti with 1st). The Baby Belly Band made a very significant impact in my SI joint pain. I was also dealing with an inguinal hernia and vulvar varicosities during this pregnancy and I added the groin bands which gave me even more relief. I wish I had known about this product sooner in my pregnancy. I kept informing my OB of my pain and it was shrugged off and just labeled as normal 2nd time pain. I am an RN and still had to really research to find out what might be going on and I finally found this amazing support product. I hope more Ob/Gyn, midwives and other providers can learn about BBB and share this option as therapy for their patients. Thank you for your amazing product! Sarah, RN

  18. OB/Gyn Impressed by the Difference they Made (verified owner)

    I had very uncomfortable vulvar varicosities during the pregnancy of my 2nd child. The Groin bands made a huge difference in my pain and discomfort. My OB/Gyn had never heard of these but was impressed by the difference they made for me.

  19. Incredible support (verified owner)

    Belly band groin support bands provided immediate relief for me. Incredible.

  20. Painful vulvar varicosities, unbearable without the Babybelyband (verified owner)

    I managed my second pregnancy with increasingly painful vulvar varicosities, not knowing that the BBB existed. With my third pregnancy the pain came sooner and escalated much quicker than before. I honestly don’t know how I would have managed my children and my home without the BBB. By the last month of pregnancy the pain was quite severe, but it would have been unbearable without the BBB. In that last pregnancy I thanked God many times for the BBB. Thanks Donne

  21. Nurse recommends for SPD, vulvar varicosities, and sciatica (verified owner)

    I just want to say that I tried multiple support belts over 3 pregnancies. I didn’t try the Baby Belly Band until about 28 weeks with baby #3, and I wish I had found it sooner! It was the most comfortable and supportive belt I used. The third pregnancy was the hardest for me. I ended up with sciatica off and on, vulvar varicosities, and SPD! I’m a nurse, and I couldn’t have continued to work without this product. Bethany

  22. Groin Pain (verified owner)

    This band made my groin pain much worse.

  23. A Lifesaver! (verified owner)

    I bought this for my daughter for her 2nd pregnancy. Her vulvar varicosities started early making it impossible for her to continue working and extremely uncomfortable. This belt and groin support was a life saver for her. She still needed to keep up with her active 3 year old and was her life line. The only regret I had was not ordering 2 so she had an extra while the one was in wash. Thank goodness all has returned to normal now that her baby is here. Thank you. -Gail

  24. Black Shows Through (verified owner)

    Helped a lot! I barely notice the pain anymore. Would be super cool if there was another color option, though, because black shows through. -Melissa

  25. Lesses the Pain I’m in on a Daily Basis (verified owner)

    I developed the inguinal hernia during my second pregnancy and now, with my third, I knew what I was in for and decided I didn’t want to suffer for 20 more weeks without trying something. The groin band (my hernia is only on one side so I just use one at a time) provides some support and lessens the pain I’m in on a daily basis. I use it mostly when walking or if I know I will have to stand for a while and it definitely helps. The pain never completely goes away, but I don’t think anything would do that. I picked this product because the straps are adjustable whereas other products do not have that flexibility. I’m now 25 weeks and I think this band will help me to keep walking and moving around more comfortably than I would otherwise.

  26. Absolutely Essential in Getting Me Through My Pregnancy (verified owner)

    I started having severe pain due to pelvic and vulvar varicosities if I would stand for over 3 minutes at around 22 weeks. I was miserable trying to work (walking and lifting patients for at least 6hrs/day) let alone exercising, cooking or doing yard work, etc. While this band can be uncomfortable, inconvenient and very hot, it was absolutely essential in getting me through my pregnancy. There is no way I would have been able to continue working without it. Straps do stretch out and become less effective over time, but I would buy replacements in a heartbeat.

  27. Able to Work/Stay Mobile (verified owner)

    I had issues with vaginal pressure from our baby girl being so low. The BBB was key in helping me feel more comfortable and being able to work/ stay mobile.

  28. Immediate Relief, The Flare Up Ended! (verified owner)

    It’s been over 2 years since I was last pregnant but after having six babies I have suffered from varicose veins in one leg. This year I have had a recurring vulvar varicosity that recently became pretty painful. I researched and purchased the belly band, shoulder straps and groin bands and received them after enduring about 3 days of debilitating pain. Putting them on I felt immediate relief that enabled me to get back to my daily routine with only some slight discomfort. After a few days of wearing the bands the flare up ended. I am so thankful for your products and highly recommend them!

  29. Inguinal Hernia Relief (verified owner)

    Eliminated my pain for
    Inguinal hernia and vulvar varicosities

  30. Returned to Normal Activity Yay (verified owner)

    I went from moderate pain to mild pain wearing the babybellyband with groin bands. Could return to normal activity

  31. Makes a difference! (verified owner)

    After being diagnosed with an inguinal hernia at 26 weeks of pregnancy, I tried several different pregnancy support bands to help keep up with my normal level of activity. This is the only band I found that applied pressure in the right places, since the groin bands made it highly adjustable, and the only one that felt fully supportive, rather than restrictive. It has really made a difference in my mobility, pain levels, and overall comfort level throughout this pregnancy.


  32. Higher compression level (verified owner)

    It would be helpful to have a higher compression level for varicosities.


  33. Should be in every OB/GYN office (verified owner)

    Place label tags away from Velcro area on groin straps. Narrow/taper main belly band on ends so that the Velcro doesn’t dig or scratch(the softer edges seem to curl after some wearing which exposes the Velcro more. Offer in nude. Offer one more wider strap to be the 3rd if needed to go over the other two groin straps for added support. I’ve ordered extra straps to my original I bought 3 years ago just to give more support and in a smaller size because they seem to stretch out after usage.
    I’m a nurse and with my last pregnancy 3 years ago I bought this product to help me work with less pain! I had vulvar varcosities. They hurt so bad and this is one of those pregnancy symptoms no one ever talks about or mentions. I was on my feet 13-14 hours a day. It hurt to stand or walk. I dreaded my shifts. My doctor said there wasn’t much that could be done and that they would go away after delivery. My husband, who works in Physical Therapy, found this product for me. He said he’s heard of something similar to this helping his patients. It was like night and day! I couldn’t have made through the last 4-5months of my pregnancy without this. I’m pregnant and using it again while chasing my 3 and 5 year old. It works! It really does! It’s worth every penny. This product should be in every OB/Gyn office.


  34. Helps me avoid bed rest (verified owner)

    The belly band has definitely helped my pain and is a great way for me to avoid bed rest as can happen if I were to let it go without treating. It isn’t as cumbersome as I thought it would be. I would love if belly band offered some maternity boy short type product for underneath the band.


  35. Groin bands are discreet! (verified owner)

    There were some reviews about the groin bands showing, but i figured it out that you can move the groin bands to go with the outer seams of your underwear & it works great!


  36. Effectively reduced abdominal hernia! (verified owner)

    This is an excellent product that effectively reduced a hernia on my lower abdomen caused by inept prostate surgery. It eliminated the discomfort and improved my appearance, since a big bulge above my pubis was not particularly flattering.


  37. Lexey B (verified owner)

    Groin straps stretch very easily. Permits to placement of back of straps. Better instruction on proved use. More breathable material

    • babybellyband (verified owner)

      Proper fit is really important for the functionality of this product, and we are glad to help with any sizing questions you may have. If you have a defective item, we are always happy to replace it for you! Also, the “Video How-To” tab is a great resource for information on ways to wear our product and proper fit. Please let us know if you have any questions!

  38. Eliminated the pain from vulvar varicosities (verified owner)

    This product completely eliminated the pain from vulvar varicosities. The only problem was the sizing. I got the extra small because that’s what my size was, but now that I’m in my third trimester I’m finding that the band barely fits.

  39. Amazing Hernia Relief!! (verified owner)

    I don’t usually write reviews for products, but this band has been SO helpful that I felt I should. I have a pretty severe inguinal
    hernia that was causing me a lot of pain through my pregnancy. I ordered the belly band and the groin belts a few weeks ago. I’m extremely happy with the amount of pain relief it’s provided, and I was surprised at the comfort level of wearing the band with a groin strap between my legs. Nothing will solve the issue 100% until surgery post-baby, but I was so glad to find something to help me make it through long work days on my feet.
    Thank you!! Megan

  40. brianna.n.collins (verified owner)

    I purchased these along with the original belly support band and it was the best purchase I have made throughout my entire pregnancy. No one warned me about vulvar varicosities in pregnancy. I had read about them as a potential ailment in pregnancy as my pregnancy app continued to update me. Low and behold, I fell victim to the undeniably painful and scary looking vulvar variscosities. I purchased these just a few days after discovering the source of my pain & as soon as it arrived I had IMMEDIATE relief! Since then, my swelling is completely gone and my vulvar appearance is normal. I can exercise now, clean and cook while standing on my feet because I have these! I’m so grateful I bought them. I highly recommend it!

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Babybellyband Compression Therapy Groin Band Sizing Chart

Babybellyband Compression Therapy Groin Band Sizing Chart

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