How to Wear the Adjustable Shoulder Straps
How to Wear the Babybellyband® with Shoulder Straps

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Babybellyband Maternity Belly Bands and Pelvic Support Belts

Shoulder Straps

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Shoulder Straps Velcro on to the Babybellyband (sold separately). Provides extra back and pelvic support during pregnancy and postpartum. Excellent to relieve round ligament pain, and support diastasis recti, twins or to reduce bounce during exercise



Add-on Shoulder Straps for Pregnancy Back and Belly Support

Add-on Shoulder Straps to one of our maternity belts (sold separately) to provide extra back and pelvic support and relieve pain in the belly,  lumbar, hip and lower back region.  The shoulder straps Velcro® attach to any Babybellyband Maternity Belt – Original or SPORT and are adjustable to your comfort and support level. The shoulder straps provide additional lift to the abdomen relieving pressure, supporting the back, round ligaments (front, lower belly area) and pelvic floor ( area ‘down under’).  Adjustable shoulder straps under the belly to give extra lift and support hernias and diastasis recti.

Get relief and support where you need it most with fully mobile and adjustable shoulder straps.

Available Sizes:

Black – Adjustable One Size Fits Most

Beige– Adjustable One Size Fits Most

Material: Soft Elastic with Nylon Loop for Velcro attachment. Latex-Free

Doctor recommended for pregnancy back support needs including:

  • Back, hip, belly support
  • lumbar support
  • diastasis recti
  • lordosis
  • sciatica
  • bariatric support
  • pendulous abdomen
  • abdominal, inguinal hernia
  • twin or multiple pregnancies
  • abdominal lymphedema support
  • Exercise during pregnancy or weight loss

Additional information

Weight 3 oz

Beige, Black, Brown


One Size Fits Most, Small 4'9"- 5'3"' or 145-160cm


Elastic with Nylon loop for Velcro attachment. Latex-free.

4 reviews for Shoulder Straps

  1. K. Wells (verified owner)

    Shoulder Bands are a must!, March 22, 2013
    By K. Wells (McAllen, TX)

    Honestly, the Babybellyband by itself helps, but the Shoulder straps are a must. I have an inguinal hernia and I’m a nurse. I really don’t know how my groin would hold up without the support. Definitely worth the purchase.

  2. Ran small (verified owner)

    The shoulder straps ran small (short). I was unable to use them with my twin pregnancy. -Alicia

  3. Shoulder Straps A Must (verified owner)

    I am so thankful for your products and highly recommend them! FYI, the shoulder straps were a must for me to keep the band in position.

  4. brianna.n.collins (verified owner)

    I highly recommend purchasing these if you have vulvar variscosities and want to stay exercising during your pregnancy. I use these every time I exercise for extra support, along with the original belly band and groin straps and I feel amazing. I feel so capable and am able to get through my exercise without pelvic pressure or swelling in my vulvar variscosity!

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