Relief from Vulvar Varicosities

I am 27 weeks pregnant and experiencing the pain and swelling of a vulvar varicosity. I thought it would go away after resting, but it didn’t!
Once I received the belt and straps, I immediately put them on, and couldn’t believe the relief that came from wearing them. When I have them on, I can be on feet for longer periods of time and do what I need to do around the house. I can chase my son around and play with him outside, which I had to stop doing before I bought the belt and groin straps. I have friends who are nurses or work on their feet, and I’ve urged them to buy this for themselves when they’re pregnant.
These are fantastic products, and the company is amazing in their support and general rapport with their customers. I’m so thankful I found Babybellyband and have been spreading the word of these amazing garments and company!  Lindsay , Nutritionist Heart Speaks Health