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    5. I love your product and continue to recommend it to all my patients. Thank you for continuing to provide such good service.
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  • Experience a more comfortable, enjoyable life

    Amazon Reviewer: 1/27/2014
    “This product is OUTSTANDING! I could not have made it through my pregnancy without it. I was diagnosed with Round Ligament Varicosity early on and it allowed me to remain on my feet and even exercising comfortably (Crossfit). I contacted the owner before I purchased one for sizing questions and she was very kind and quite helpful. I would highly recommend this product. Fantastic product!”
    You deserve relief from your pain. Support yourself and your baby
    Babybellyband Support Wear is suggested to relieve pain caused by:
    • • abdominal strain
    • • back / lumbar pain
    • • sciatica
    • • sacroliliac joint dysfunction (SI Joint pain)
    • • diastasis recti ( abdominal separation )
    • • inguinal, femoral, abdominal, and umbilical hernias
    • • pelvic floor compression support
    • • pubic symphysis dysfunction (PSD)
    • • vulvar varicosities
    • • round ligament strain or varicosities
    • • uterine, vaginal or rectal prolapse
    • • pendulous abdomen
    • • pubic and perineal edema
    • • ptotic abdomen
    • • abdominal lymphedema
    • • post surgical compression needs which require a temporary or life long support device

    Babybellyband immediately relieves pregnancy and hernia discomfort. Babybelly abdominal band provides lift to ease back and abdominal pain, add-on shoulder bands for extra support to lumbar and belly, add-on groin bands to relieve pelvic floor and groin pressure such as inguinal hernia or vulvar varicosities. Works excellent as SI joint belt. Petite to Plus Sizes.

    Whether this is your first or sixth baby, the weight of pregnancy adds strain to your back and abdominal muscles, and increases pressure on the pelvic floor. If you are a feeling discomfort, a working mom on your feet for long hours, a pregnant mom continuing an exercise regimen, have twin or multiple pregnancy, or lifting children, the added support provided by the Babybellyband and accessories gives you the extra relief you need and deserve.

    Taking care of your body will make a world of difference during this emotional time of life.

    Babybellyband by CABEA was developed to support all body types, for both women and men.

    Taking care of yourself is a priority and we at CABEA are here to help provide you with the support you need. Feel free to call with questions, or sizing assistance.

    U.S,Food and Drug Administration Registration #10046183