How to Wear the Babybellyband for back, hip, and postpartum support

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Babybellyband SPORT Pregnancy and Postpartum Hip Support Belt

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Babybellyband SPORT is a lightweight, breathable hip support band for pregnancy and postpartum pelvic care, Physical Therapist recommended

Product Description

Babybellyband SPORT Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Belt

Pregnancy Care

Lightweight, breathable, latex free fabric makes Babybellyband SPORT support belt perfect for an active pregnancy. The soft, flexible fabric allows for free movement and relieves belly, hip, back, and hernia pain throughout your pregnancy and postpartum.   Easy to use and adjustable for all levels of support with the removable add on support band feature.  Physical therapist across the USA recommend our brand as a pelvic support belt because of the sleek design which can be worn on the lower back or hip area to support muscles so they can heal and relieve back and hip tension.  Custom designed fabric allows for Velcro compatibility all over the surface so that all Babybellyband components (groin bands and shoulder straps) can be added-on at any time.   You don’t have to be an athlete to wear this maternity belly band, it’s cool, comfortable and ultra supportive for anyone!

Postpartum Care

The unique anti-microbial properties of the Babybellyband SPORT fabric make it ideal for postpartum wrap or cesarean section care.  Breathable and soft, not too wide, this belt provides just the right amount of support and care for any c-section.  Postpartum hip and back support is provided  with a removable extra support band so you can regulate the amount of lift and support you need.  The 4″-6″ width (depending on size) provides just the right amount of care to support without digging into the ribs or upper belly. Babybellyband SPORT let’s you get back to being mobile and active again.

Suggested to relieve

  • pregnancy and postpartum discomfort
  • Cesarean section (C-section) care
  • round ligament strain
  • diastasis recti
  • abdominal strain
  • back pain
  • lumbar pain
  • hip pain
  • si joint dysfunction
  • sacroiliac joint pain
  • symphysis pubis dysfunction – SPD
  • pelvic girdle pain
  • lymphedema support
  • bariatric issues
  • umbilical hernia pain
  • abdominal hernia support
  • excellent for twin or multiple pregnancy
  • post operative surgery
  • bouncing belly during exercise
Can I wear this if I am not pregnant? Absolutely!

All ages and genders are wearing our products ! For sizing, measure your hip inches and compare on our sizing chart

We do not support girdling or binding after pregnancy.

We believe women can heal naturally, post pregnancy bodies are beautiful, and girdling is unhealthy for women.

Please read our article  “Do Postpartum Belly Wraps Work for Weight Loss? Truth or Myth”



Additional Information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 10.5 × 2 × 7 in
Maternity Belly Band Sizing

XX-Small fits 25-30" waist/hip, X-Small, fits 30-35" waist/hip, Small: size 0-6, 35- 40" waist/hip, Medium; size 8-10, 40- 45" waist/hip, Large: size 12-20, 45-50" waist/hip, XL: size 22-24, 50-55" waist/hip, Goddess XXL: 55-70" waist/hip


Made of Open-Cell fabric: foam based with a spandex/nylon velcro compatible outside, the Babybellyband® SPORT belt is super airy, anti-microbial, breathable, and lightweight. FREE of LATEX Made in the USA

S-M = 5" width
X-Small = 4" wide for very petite generally non-pregnant individuals
Plus Size XXL= 6" wide abdominal band

10 reviews for Babybellyband SPORT Pregnancy and Postpartum Hip Support Belt

  1. Continued to Train While Pregnant (verified owner)

    “I am a professional equestrian competitor, and have used the Babybellyband sport band while riding throughout my pregnancy for hip support. It has allowed me to continue to train while pregnant, much appreciated!! Love it!!”

    Amelia Goldman

  2. Most Effective and Comfortable Band (verified owner)

    It is the most effective and comfortable band I have found. The velcro is great and effective but make sure it doesn’t stick to some of your nice clothes! Overall very happy with the customer service, sizing charts and product! I can’t believe I avoided this my last 2 pregnancies.

  3. Eliminated Pain but Became Floppy (verified owner)

    Eliminated my pain but did tend to become a little floppy after wear. I don’t know if it could be made any sturdier or better shaped to the belly.

  4. Fabulous Job Supporting my Belly/Baby (verified owner)

    I developed an inguinal hernia related to weakened abdominal wall during my third trimester of my third pregnancy. I had consistent pain despite following orders to not lift anything/anyone over ten pounds and minimizing my physical activity. The pain increased as baby grew. The SPORT maternity band did a fabulous job supporting the weight of my belly/baby to allow me to accomplish routine housework, errands. It worked seamlessly under my clothes; and the material of the band is sturdy. By 37-38 weeks, however, the size of my belly/baby was to the point where the belt provided less relief and started to roll under the weight of my belly. Pre-pregnancy I had a BMI of 19; gained 30 pounds during the pregnancy and my fundal height always measured exactly to the gestation week. I’m so grateful for this band and the relief it provided.

  5. No other support belt that helped with my varicosities and pubic pain (verified owner)

    I loved the belt. There was no other support belt that helped with my varicosities and pubic pain. It was a life saver! One thing that I did find annoying was that the front would roll down and bunch.
    Lynsey Bond

  6. Able to Play with Toddler Like I Wasn’t Before (verified owner)

    I am really thankful for how well the belly band makes me feel. I am able to play with my toddler like I wasn’t able before the belly band. But I am frustrated with the material its made out of. I received the first one and in a months time the velcro had trouble sticking. Baby belly band sent me a new one (thank you!) but this band is doing the same thing. I can only ensure my belly band won’t pop off by wearing shorts with a waist band that puts pressure on where the velcro clings to the belt. I can’t wear a knit dress that isn’t tight because I can hear the slow release of the velcro from the fabric and am afraid it will pop off at some point. I don’t know if it’s the fabric of the “sport” band or all the baby belly bands, but I haven’t heard of other brands of pregnancy bands having this problem. -Maggie

  7. Made Postpartum Recovery Go Much Smoother (verified owner)

    The Sport Band was also very helpful for my postpartum recovery! It acted like a splint (when used with another postpartum band) and made my recovery go much more smoothly. I would also recommend making a postpartum band that is wider so it covers more of the abdominal area. A normal one and one that has the same materials as the Sport Band. -Aisha

  8. Lifted and Supported Core, Perfect for Post-Menopause (verified owner)

    I’m 64. In 2012, I suffered a debilitating lower back injury resulting in sciatica, hip instability, and sacroiliac joint problems. Surgery was averted with PT but pain persisted. The Babybellyband came to the rescue providing core stability which eased the pain; the relief truly equated to reassurance on my feet. Again, in 2016, I pulled my lower back while lifting my 50 pound grandchild who’d fallen. A day later, the pain was intense which prompted a call to BBB headquarters. Caroline, the owner, suggested the Sports BBB and groin straps, which absolutely relieved pain by lifting and supporting my core. The detachable lower back reinforcement is incredible! I say ‘is’ because I’ll throw this baby on just to feel stronger and more ‘upright’ when I’m on my feet for long hours. Post recovery, I’ve continued to use the Sports BBB and groin straps when I hike or go for a sturdy walk. I’m particularly directing this to post-menopausal women who are familiar with the affect of gravity on the pelvic floor. I like the way my core and ‘undercarriage’ feel compact and supported.

  9. Key In Helping Me Feel Comfortable (verified owner)

    I had issues with my glute, hip and weakness in my upper abs during pregnancy and the BBB was key in helping me feel more comfortable and being able to work/ stay mobile

  10. Eliminated the pain from vulvar varicosities (verified owner)

    This product completely eliminated the pain from vulvar varicosities. The only problem was the sizing. I got the extra small because that’s what my size was, but now that I’m in my third trimester I’m finding that the band barely fits.

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Babybellyband sizing_measurement_InfoGraphic

SPORT Band Sizing Chart

Women’s US Pant SizeFits waist or hip size betweenBelly Band Size
00-025-30" inch or 63-76cm
2-430-35 inch or 76-89 cm

6-835-40 inch or 89-101cm

8-1040-45 inch or 101-114cmMEDIUM
12-1645-50 inch or 114-127cmLARGE
18-2250- 55 inch or 127-140cmEXTRA LARGE (XL)
1X-4X55- 70" inch or 140-173cm XXL

Measuring yourself for the Babybellyband®

Pregnancy abdominal and back support

Place the measuring tape on your lower back above your hips, then measure down under your belly where the abdominal band will fasten to lift your abdomen.  This measurement will give you an idea of your abdominal circumference.

Hip/Pelvic or Sacroiliac joint support

Place the measuring tape on your lower back below the top of your hips (where low cut jeans would be) then measure around your pelvis to the front where the abdominal band will fasten.  This measurement will give you an idea of your hip circumference.

Babybellyband® GROWS WITH YOU!! This Maternity support belt and accessories are sized to assure that each component fits you properly. Selecting each component size separately (belt, groin, and shoulder strap) provides customized sizing to fit each unique body type. Based on our sizing, the BabyBellyBand will fit you throughout your entire pregnancy and during postpartum.

Trouble/questions about sizing?

Call 860-238-7788 or email [email protected].

What’s the Difference between the Original, Reversible or SPORT?

Choose between the Babybellyband Original, SPORT, and FlipIt Reversible, maternity bands

Things that are the same with all the Babybellybands:

  • The design, sleek and flexible
  • Works with the groin and shoulder straps
  • Latex-free
  • Velcro compatible fabric on the inner and outer sides.

The difference is in the support level, fabric and color:

The Babybellyband Original Maternity Belt Baby Belly Band product features maternity support belly band with adjustable compression breathable comfortable fabricis tried and true, always loved for its flexibility, excellent support and longevity. The Original is:

  • black on both sides and made of neoprene (scuba diving material)-with a super soft,
  • The material is durable, holds its shape well and is very supportive.
  • This material tends to have a longer lifespan if you need this beyond pregnancy but a bit less breathable.
  • This original belt comes with 1 add-on elastic extra support belt for adjustable support levels from mild to strong support.


Baby belly band sport band product featuresThe SPORT band is light weight to provide flexibility and airiness and is:

  • made of an open-cell foam-based
  • is hypoallergenic more breathable, and lightweight so if you are active or live in a hot climate, have sensitive skin, or are having a c-section this may be the better choice and more comfortable for you
  • The SPORT belt comes with 1 add-on elastic extra support belt for adjustable support levels from mild to strong support



Flip it reversible pregnancy belly band maternity support wear belt best product features

Flip it reversible pregnancy belly band maternity support wear belt best product features pelvic floor

The Babybellyband Flip-It Reversible is our strongest support belt and great longevity for more than one pregnancy or daily use.

The Babybellyband Flip-It is:

  • Reversible is made of Black on one side and Flip-It for beige on the other which is great for matching or hiding under all types of clothing.
  • Comes with 2 removable, add-on support bands in black and beige so you can have the same superior support with both colors.
  • The material is also neoprene so has the same fabric qualities as the Original Babybellyband.
  • Support is greater medium to heavy duty with a stiffer yet very flexible 5″ belt for stronger support