Life saver for my femoral hernia

I was introduced to this brand a few months ago, whilst searching for a medical device to help with my femoral hernia until my surgery date. I was skeptical about hernia belts and was even told by my family doctor and peers that I would hate wearing a hernia belt, only wearing it once or twice. Well…..They couldn’t have been more wrong, because The Baby Belly Band is a life saver! It relieves the pain and helps keep my femoral hernia in place. I wear it everyday and the days that I don’t wear it, I feel like something is missing. I am very active, I have gone swimming with it on, hiking, kayaking, paddle-boarding and skateboarding. This product helps with my balance, posture, it’s literally the best band out there for stomach pains. I wish I had started wearing this before I got my hernia and I intend to wear it even after I fully recover from surgery. If you suffer from stomach pains, hernias, abdominal issues, painful periods. I would strongly recommend you purchase the baby belly band you won’t regret it! And to the people that created this product…THANK YOU SO MUCH! There truly isn’t anything out there that compares to this. Again, thank you so much for thinking of people that suffer from stomach issues.