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Do Postpartum Belly Wraps Work for Weight Loss? Truth or Myth



Do Postpartum Belly Wraps Work for weight loss?

MYTH: Postpartum belly wraps can help me quickly regain my pre-pregnancy figure after giving birth.

TRUTH: Postpartum belly wraps are not effective in weight loss whatsoever.  Empowering yourself with a combination of good diet and exercise is the only effective way to lose abdominal fat.

Postpartum Belly Wraps also called abdominal binders or corsets. These are girdle-like garments that essentially bind the belly to give the appearance of a flat tummy or thinner look.

What amount of weight gain during pregnancy is healthy? How can I lose weight postpartum effectively?

Weight gain during pregnancy and weight loss postpartum: the right way.

During pregnancy, the average woman gains 25-35 pounds. She loses about 10 pounds giving birth: the baby, placenta, blood, and amniotic fluid. Clearly, you do not lose all your pregnancy weight when you give birth. This can be frustrating; after being pregnant for nine months many women are eager to get their bodies back.

In the weeks following birth, women naturally shed retained fluid weight. Breastfeeding can also assist with the weight loss process since it uses the fat stored by your body during pregnancy. Producing breast milk naturally burns calories as well. Even with these things, it often takes up to a year for new moms to return to their pre-pregnancy weight.

As a result, many women turn to belly wraps.

Belly wraps, also called abdominal binders, are girdle-like garments that hold in belly

Do these help you lose that belly fat and slim down to your pre-pregnancy size?

Belly wraps are tight undergarments meant to compress your stomach and ‘shrink it’ back to pre-pregnancy sizes. Some even boast that they can reshape your hips and pelvis. They’re advertised as an easy and effective way to eliminate abdominal fat and shed pounds. Does that sound too good to be true? That’s because it is.

Belly wraps promise to quickly eliminate belly fat. It's too good to be true. Do postpartum belly wraps work?

Belly wraps promise to quickly eliminate belly fat and help you reach a fit, thin figure. Is this true?

Belly wraps for weight loss are similar to binding your belly. As a result, you may look thinner WHILE wearing one. The wraps don’t have any lasting effect on your body, however. In fact, they could actually weaken abdominal muscles. While wearing your belly wrap, your muscles have less work to do so they relax. Your abs become dependent on the wrap’s support, making it harder to tone them.

Not only are belly wraps not effective, but also dangerous in some cases. The body releases a lot of heat through the tummy. With a belly wrap blocking this, people can overheat or become dehydrated. In extreme cases, some people have passed out or fainted due to dehydration.

Also postpartum girdles can put unnecessary pressure on the pelvic floor causing a variety of pelvic floor problems.

Losing belly fat post pregnancy is important!

Stomach fat is considered the unhealthiest of all body fats as it releases hormones associated with certain diseases.   The risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, breast and colon cancer, metabolic syndrome and gallbladder problems all increase with additional abdominal fat. Now that you know belly wraps won’t help, you may be wondering how you can I reduce my belly fat.

When it comes to a flat stomach, diet and exercise-not undergarments-are what count.

What is truly important when it comes to flattening your stomach and losing pregnancy weight after you give birth?

According to Dr. Ed Lascowski from Mayo Clinic, “when it comes to a flat stomach, diet and exercise-not undergarments-are what count”. Luckily, belly fat responds to exercise quicker than other fat in your body.

Our recommendation? Adopt a diet and exercise program for a healthy lifestyle. Avoid the temptation to buy products offering quick and effortless weight loss.  They’re often a waste of money and sometimes even dangerous.  We recommend using your Babybellyband with shoulder straps to allow you to continue exercising throughout pregnancy. You can also use the breathable and antimicrobial BabyBellyBand SPORT belt to aid during exercise. This will help you gain only the recommended amount of weight during pregnancy.  Gaining excessive weight during pregnancy (exceeding 25-35 pounds for most women) can make it increasingly hard to lose weight after giving birth. If you feel the need for continued support after having your baby, wearing your Babybellyband postpartum can help. We especially recommend this for cesarean section wound care and diastasis recti support as well as back and hip support. However, it is not recommended to use for binding the belly to lose fat, that is the way of days gone by…does corset sound familiar!  Empower yourself through exercise and eating well: take walks with your new baby, join a mommy and me exercise class, or a class at your local YMCA or fitness gym.  You will feel good and meet new Moms as well.  Having a baby is the most important and emotional experience for you right now, let yourself have a tad of belly bulge for a while!  It’s okay and will work off within a year if you take care of yourself.






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