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Babybellyband Effectiveness Survey Results

Survey Results Original Babybellyband Maternity Support Band Amazing Results

Proven Effective, Survey Results are in…

We needed more than just testimonials from doctors, midwives and users to prove the effectiveness of our Babybellyband system.  We conducted a survey of 1000’s of women who have used our products and the results are outstanding. From round ligament and back pain to vulvar varicosities and hernias, wearing the Babybellyband and its’ add-on componnents can make you feel infinitely more comfortable reducing pain levels by significant amounts.   But, don’t just take our word for it, check out our survey results.

22 Pregnancy Discomforts Eased

Not sure if your pain can be relieved,  according to our survey we found that 22 different pregnancy discomforts were eased wearing the Babybellyband.    These include sciatica, pubic symphysis dysfuntion, vulvar varicosities, hernias, round ligament pain and diastasis recti.  If you have any of the following problems, the Babybellyband and add-ons can help.Babybellyband can be used to relieve 22 different pregnancy discomforts

Babybellyband Keeps Women Active During Pregnancy


A whopping 93% of women surveyed felt pain relief  and  73% were able to RETURN TO NORMAL ACTIVITY from being in severe to moderate discomfort.  Babybellyband truly can change the way you experience pregnancy and beyond!

International Pain Assessment Scale

The results below are based on the International Pain Assessment Scale.  In the graphs, we’ve condensed it from 10 to 5 pain levels for easier viewing.  Here, we’d like to highlight the decrease in pain women feel while they wear their Babybellyband support system.  The average woman’s pain decreased by over three pain levels. Now that’s relief! Pain Level Before Using CABEA Support Products Pain Level While Using CABEA Support Products

Our Mission

As a company founded to help women worldwide experience healthier pregnancies, we were thrilled with these survey results.  Allowing women to enjoy their pregnancies while remaining active and healthy is so rewarding.  If you think you could be one of the women experiencing a less painful, happier pregnancy, try our product out today.  We’d love to help you.

Caroline Christensen, M.Ed

Founder & Designer of Babybellyband Maternity Support Wear - pelvic health products for women and men experiencing discomfort caused by pregnancy, hernia, lymphedema or prolapse. Designed, patented & trademarked Babybellyband® products by CABEA® University of Massachusetts Amherst B.S. Exercise Science - Caridac Rehab, Kinesiology University of Massachusetts Amherst M. Ed Science Education Member: American College of Nurse Midwives

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