Effectiveness of the Babybellyband® Products

April 14, 2023

From 2016-2022, BabyBellyBand requested feedback from our customers through a survey based on the International Pain Assessment Scale. The effectiveness survey was completed by 285 women who were asked to assess their pain. The survey asked customers: What issues were they trying to resolve with a BabyBellyBand? How much pain and discomfort were they in…

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How Pregnancy Support Bands And Belts Relieve Discomfort

March 6, 2023

This content was summarized from the article How Pregnancy Support Bands And Belts Relieve Discomfort by Charissa D. Newton, CNM in Premier Health. Many moms say that pregnancy support bands reduce pain and help them feel better. “As the uterus grows, all the ligaments that wrap around the abdomen are stretched and pulled and can…

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c-Section picture with baby in the front

C-Section Recovery Tips for Postpartum Care

April 21, 2022

A C-Section is a major abdominal surgery, and although it can be lifesaving for you and your child, it takes a major toll on your body. Your body and mind need a chance to heal and recover. C-section recovery tips include: rest, proper c-section support belt, wound care, walking, pelvic floor physical therapy, asking for help & good nutrition

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Do Postpartum Belly Wraps Work for Weight Loss? Truth or Myth

July 19, 2017

  Do Postpartum Belly Wraps Work for weight loss? MYTH: Postpartum belly wraps can help me quickly regain my pre-pregnancy figure after giving birth. TRUTH: Postpartum belly wraps are not effective in weight loss whatsoever.  Empowering yourself with a combination of good diet and exercise is the only effective way to lose abdominal fat. Postpartum Belly Wraps also…

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Babybellyband Review Postpartum wellness

Babybellyband Review Postpartum Wellness

December 18, 2015

 Babybellyband Review Postpartum Wellness Blog : Want to read more good stuff about Babybellyband products and get an unbiased review? Link over to Postpartum Wellness blog and see for yourself. Babybellyband is highly recommended by their professional staff and Mom reviewers.  They wrote us a phenomenal Babybellyband review! MyPostpartumWellnessBlog “CABEA brand cares about you because not only…

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Jenn's blah blah blog

Benefits for wearing a belly band during and after pregnancy

November 13, 2014

Benefits for wearing a belly band during and after pregnancy a review by Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog gives a thumbs up to use of Baby belly band products during and post pregnancy.  Check out her blog to read the review and loads of other pregnancy info Excerpts from the review “A woman’s body is constantly under…

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