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Pregnancy Support Bands: Are There Benefits?

January 30 2023

The content below was summarized from the following WebMD article.

What is a Pregnancy Support Band?
A pregnancy support band is:
  • Made of soft, stretchy, durable fabric
  • Fastens with Velcro
  • Designed to fit under your belly
  • Grows with your pregnancy

Why Do You Need a Pregnancy Support Band?

Pain and Discomfort

The primary reason moms turn to the support of a pregnancy support band is to relieve aches and pain. As your baby grows bigger, he puts more pressure on your body. You may begin to walk and stand differently to compensate for the extra weight, causing pain in your muscles and joints. Additionally, during the second trimester, your ligaments loosen to accommodate your growing baby. You may feel increasing aches in your hip, groin, and legs as your pregnancy progresses.

Physical Activities

If you enjoy being active, a pregnancy support band is a great addition to your workout. Even if you don’t need extra support on a daily basis, having it during exercise may help you maintain a more effective workout. It can also prevent you from getting hurt during a workout by providing some compression to your abdomen. You should always take it slow working out while you’re pregnant and take extra precautions to stay safe.

Clothing Comfort

Even though your belly is growing, your hips and legs may not be. So you can pull your favorite pants up, but not fasten them. A pregnancy band can act as a buffer between your pants and your tops – covering your belly and the upper band of your pants. Plus, if you bend over, your band will spare you the embarrassment of showing your back or belly as your clothes get smaller.


You change how you walk and move to support your growing baby, and your posture takes a hit too. By compressing your lower belly and lifting the baby off of your hips, your pregnancy support belt will also help you sit and stand up straight. With added support to your lower back, bad posture won’t be a concern. This is great because bad posture can mean added strain on your body, leading to more aches and pains.

Postpartum Healing

The benefits of your pregnancy support band don’t end with your pregnancy. You can keep using the band for support after giving birth. Pregnancy and birth take a huge toll on your body, and it takes time for your body to heal. Maintaining additional support for your lower back and abdomen has many benefits, including faster healing.

Safety Considerations
1. Talk to your doctor.
If your band isn’t providing relief, talk to your doctor. They can help you adjust how you’re wearing your band or make other suggestions for relieving your discomfort.2. Choose the right size.

3. Follow the instructions.

4. Find the right compression.
Your support band should not feel tight or uncomfortable. It should provide gentle compression under your abdomen and around your back. If your pregnancy support band is too tight, it can compress your organs, causing indigestion, heartburn and may even negatively impact your circulation and blood pressure.
5. Observe time limits.
Wearing a support band too long can weaken your muscles.

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